IndieReader Spotlight: Samantha Towle
Author of The Mighty Storm

RJ Julia Spotlight: Steven Simmons
Author of Body Blows

IndieReader Spotlight: Rachel Van Dyken
Author of Enforce

RJ Julia Spotlight: J.T. Ellison
Author of When Shadows Fall

IndieReader Spotlight: Raine Miller
Author of The Muse

RJ Julia Spotlight: Assaf Gavron
Author of The Hilltop

IndieReader Spotlight: Meredith Wild
Author of theHardwired Series

RJ Julia Spotlight: Matthew Thomas
Author of We Are Not Ourselves

IndieReader Spotlight: Matthew Iden
Author of A Reason To Live

RJ Julia Spotlight: Breena Clarke
Author of Angels Make Their Hope Here

IndieReader Spotlight: Brian Duncan
Author of The Settler

RJ Julia Spotlight: Corban Addison
Author of The Garden of Burning Sand

IndieReader Spotlight: Harry Groome
Author of Thirty Below

RJ Julia Spotlight: Bianca Turetsky
Author of Time-Traveling Fashionista

IndieReader Spotlight: J.S. Cooper
Author of Multiple (switch to a book name)

RJ Julia Spotlight: Brian Freeman
Author of The Cold Nowhere

IndieReader Spotlight: Russell Blake
Author of Jet

RJ Julia Spotlight: Susan Kietzman
Author of A Changing Marriage

IndieReader Spotlight: Dianna Love
Author of the Slye Temp Series

RJ Julia Spotlight: Tori L. Ridgewood
Author of the Talbot Series

IndieReader Spotlight: David Vinjamuri
Author of Binder, Operator

RJ Julia Spotlight: Mark Haskell Smith
Author of Raw: A Love Story

IndieReader Spotlight: Teri Giuliano Long
Author of In Leah's Wake

RJ Julia Spotlight: D.E. Johnson
Author of Detroit Shuffle

IndieReader Spotlight: Hugh Howey
Author of Wool, Shift and Dust

RJ Julia Spotlight: Charles Finch
Author of An Old Betrayal, Charles Lennox Mysteries